Episode 1: The Farmers’ Market

25 Sep

Hello!  We are Coffee Girl & Donut Boy.  Wait.  Who?

Basically, we are here to defend the tastiness of the morning.  Read on!


Okay, so anyways…

For our first mission, we traveled to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park, IL.

The farmer’s market has been in town for years and years (every since Donut Boy can recall, anyways), and they offer up a wide variety of fresh produce for sale every Saturday morning.  The star attraction, though, is the fresh donuts they offer at a stand in the back.

The donuts are made fresh on site and handed to you in an unassuming white paper bag.  There are 3 kinds: plain, cinnamon, and powdered sugar.  Of course, we tried all 3 for you.


Donut #1: Plain Donut

Plain Donut

Donut Boy:

Normally, most people avoid plain donuts.  There’s never really any sweet frosting or interesting filling to spice things up, and when you’re getting a run-of-the-mill plain donut, it usually just isn’t very satisfying.   Luckily, this is not your run-of-the-mill donut.

The first thing you notice when you bite in is the incredible crunch on the outside of the donut.  This contrasts amazingly with the absurdly soft interior of the donut.  These donuts are so soft on the inside that one actually fell apart when I dipped it into my coffee.

Overall, the simplicity of this donut highlights the quality of the batter.  You can really taste the fresh ingredients and rich decadence of the batter.

Donut #2: Cinnamon Donut

Cinnamon Donut

Donut Boy:

Just like the plain donut, this donut is awesomely crunchy on the outside and super soft on the inside.  The cinnamon sugar provides an awesome texture and the flavor of the cinnamon sits nicely on top of the already-awesome batter.

Coffee Girl:

The farmer’s market cinnamon donut is a truly remarkable donut.  As my partner mentioned, the crunchy, sweet, spicy granulation of the first taste is delightfully child-like, delivering the kind of joy comparable to, say, a well-made peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich.

Then you have the crunchiness, and the still-warm temperature of the donut.  Absolutely perfect.

The cake part of the donut is very light and airy and actually tastes like a delicious piece of fresh, yellow cake.  This is the platonic ideal of the donut.

Donut #3: Powdered Sugar Donut

Powdered Sugar Donut

Coffee Girl:

The powdered sugar donut is the angel to the cinnamon donut’s divinity.

It starts with a silky sweetness, not quite as exquisite as the cinnamon; a gentler, more ephemeral sweetness, which again lays on top of the light crispy crunchiness.  This can only be accomplished by making the donuts on the spot moments before you buy them.  Again, you can’t get better than the donut base.  Underneath the crunchiness, is a light, fresh, simple, eggs-flour-and-sugar donut.


So there you have it.  If you can make it to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park, we highly recommend checking out their donuts.  You will certainly not be disappointed.  If not, look around your area for anywhere that provides fresh-made donuts.  Because, guaranteed, fresh is always the best, especially when it comes to donuts.

Until next time, Good People of the American Morning!



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