Oak Park Bakery: About friggin’ time

23 Oct

Seeing as we hail from/around Oak Park (our exact headquarter’s location can never be revealed), you would think we would have gotten around to visiting The Oak Park Bakery a little bit sooner.  For some reason, though, it took us a little while.

Well, we finally got our act together and payed this local institution a visit.  It was hopping on a Saturday morning, but the friendly staff moved things along quickly.  We were accompanied on this morning’s mission by Guest Donuteer, Dame Danish.  Here’s what the three of us uncovered:


Donut #1: Pumpkin-Spiced Glazed

Coffee Girl:

This donut… oh, this donut.  Seasonal, yes, but so much more.  The basic donut was excellent: gently sweet, softly fresh, delightfully crunchy on the outside. But it was the frosting that caused us to dream — a perfectly balanced, luscious blanket of sweet and spice.  It is warm toes tucked under one’s happy self on the couch, one’s loved ones nearby, a roaring fire of Donut Happiness warming the cockles of one’s Donut Heart.

Donut Boy:

Yeah.  This donut was really, really good.  It got off to a great start with the frosting — strong pumpkin flavor, powerfully sweet but certainly not overbearing.  This got followed up with the quality cake of the donut, which had a great crunch but was also light.  This is the perfect fall flavor — it would go great with a nice cup of hot apple cider and a flannel.  My favorite of the morning.

Dame Danish:

(Exact words at the time of ingestion) This is so great!  This is so much greater than I thought it would be!

Donut #2: Glazed

Coffee Girl:

The basic tabula rasa, and a most excellent tabula it was.  The lumpy appearance of this donut was a testament to its quirky personality — no assembly-line, faceless pastry, but a genuine, unassuming basic donut with which you will want to become best friends.  Nicely flavored dough, lightly baked, with a lovely, light frosting that asserted itself just enough to make its mark.  We are not usually fans of the plain and unadorned, but we are glad we made an exception here.

Donut #3: Chocolate Frosted

Donut Boy:

Before I even had a bite, this donut charmed with its puffed-up appearance.  It almost seemed excited to see me.  Then I took a bite.  In contrast to the chocolate frosted donut at Kirschbaum’s, this donut had a milkier quality to its frosting, almost like the chocolate frosting one might put on a cake.  The dough itself was great: airy, yielding easily to your bite.  Kind of like sinking your teeth into a silk pillow.  A great sensation and a cool take on chocolate flavor.

Coffee Girl:

OH YEAH!!!  We want to eat this donut every day.  It’s hard to beat a good, chocolate frosted donut, but this entry beats out all the others we’ve had.  In a word, it’s the frosting.  It’s like magic.

Donut #4: Vanilla Frosted Toasted Coconut

Donut Boy:

I’m going to be frank:  This donut was not very good.  It honestly had no distinguishing flavor to me at all, despite being generously topped with vanilla frosting and toasted coconut.  I literally tasted nothing.  Done after a bite.  Disappointing.

Donut #5: Creme-Filled Bismark

Dame Danish:

Possibly not worth the amount of powdered sugar now stuck in the front seat crevices of the Donut Mobile.  They had the right idea, but could have tried a little harder to make the custard filling more evenly distributed.

Donut Boy:

I agree with our Guest Donuteer.  The powdered sugar was copiously applied, which posed a bit of a cleanliness issue when consuming.  But we didn’t get into this business to stay sparkling clean.  The dough of the donut itself was a bit bread-y.  The custard filling had a nice, creamy flavor, but distribution was not ideal.  All the cream was concentrated in a large glob in the middle, which made eating through the mediocre dough somewhat of a chore.


Closing Remarks:

Oak Park Bakery is a great, traditional bakery, one we are proud to be located near (again: we cannot divulge our exact whereabouts).  With quality dough and unique takes on frosting (see Donuts #1 and 3), these donuts are clearly made with care.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Don’t get too, excited, though, as you may end up doing silly things such as locking your keys in the car at 7-11, which happened to us this morning.

Donut Boy and Guest Donuteer Dame Danish waiting at 7-11, moments after accidentally locking the keys in the Donut Mobile.

Fortunately, we remembered after a few anxious moments that we had a spare key.  And thus, we evaded complete catastrophe.

Until next Saturday, Good People!



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