13 Nov

Can we ask you something?  Why do you eat donuts, anyway?  Is it because you long to abide, just for a few sweet moments, in heaven?  We thought so.  Long no longer.  Abide ye in Oberlin, Ohio, at Gibson’s Food Mart & Bakery.  We are almost too happy to speak.

Now, we here at Breakfast Adventures have been to Gibson’s before.  But it’s been a little while.  That’s why, when we determined we would rendezvousing with Dame Danish (Guest Donuteer — see here) in beautiful Oberlin, Ohio, we were stoked.

Two quick notes:

  1. Gibson’s starts with donuts that are lighter than air.  Not insubstantial; please don’t misunderstand.  The taste satisfaction is profound,  but the weighed-down feeling is minimal.  Sweet and fluffy — you know you’re biting into a donut, but you’d swear you’re flying straight into heaven.
  2. Fantastically, most of Gibson’s donuts are filled with a delectable whipped cream.  Picture a lovely young lass populating an over-sized party cake.  It is light.  It is fresh.  It is cows in the pasture, clouds in the blue, blue sky.

Now, on to the donuts!


Donut #1: Maple Straight

Coffee Girl:

Oh, my.  Do you see this donut?  Do you know what it is?  Yes, yes, you can believe your eyes: you are looking at a long john that is frosted with maple frosting and filled with whipped cream.  AARRGH!! We are singing with the Heavenly Host.  Tears are streaming down our sugar-smeared cheeks.  The donut is soft and fresh, the frosting is creamy and tastes of maple trees in Vermont forests.  The whipped cream is so fresh you want to stuff your pillows with it.  Sorry, but we have to leave consideration of this donut.  We are too happy for words.

Donut Boy:

As the first donut I tried, the quality of the whipped cream was immediately apparent.  Clearly, Gibson’s gives equal attention to all elements of their pastries.  Which rocks.  The quality of the dough: superb.  Yielding, yet not sponge-y.  Air-y but substantial.  Simply top notch.

Donut #2: Sweet Cream

Coffee Girl:

Excuse us, but we are sobbing too hard to be able to speak.  Oh, the sweet cream donut.  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  We shall firmly take a deep breath and be professional.  There, now.  Ahem.  The sweet cream donut at Gibson’s is to be eaten only after completion of a task you have been dreading for months and have finally had the balls to take on and conquer.  Sweet cream, heavier than whipped cream but lighter than custard, gracefully tucked inside a fluffy donut and dusted with sugar granules.  Actually, the sugar granules are the true genius of this donut, in our opinion.  The slight crunch cradles the sweet, smooth cream in its angelic arms and rocks us into the sweet hereafter.

Donut Boy:

Great crunch from the get-go, giving way to a different, heavier cream that I liked even more than the whipped (I did not think that was possible).  Simple sweetness in a few different manifestations, culminating gently and perfectly in this donut.  Straight-up good.

Donut #3: Apple Fritter

Coffee Girl:

We thought we were not particular fans of apple fritters.  We were wrong.  We are president of the Gibson’s Apple Fritter Fan Club.  How light the fritter!  How pleasing the sweet, distinct  globules of pastry!  How five-minutes-ago the freshness of the apples!

Donut Boy:

When places have an apple fritter, we’ve gotta try it.  So far for me, the apple fritter I had at (believe it or not) Jewel Osco was my favorite.  Well, today that changed.  I see now that the apple fritter at Jewel is really loosely based on a fritter the caliber of Gibson’s.  Sort of like how movies are sometimes “inspired” by true stories.  This fritter is great: crisp exterior, strong cinnamon glaze, and an interior that has to be chewed to be believed.  This is the new standard to which I will compare all subsequent fritters.

Donut #4: Glazed Blueberry Cake

Coffee Girl:

For those of you who eschew the fancy and prefer to stick to the basics, you’ll be very happy snuggling down with Gibson’s blueberry donut.  Light like them all, sweet but not too.  Crunchy glaze and a gentle persuasion of blueberries that is too polite to overwhelm the taste of the donut.   A perfect afternoon tea entry in the donut pantheon.

Donut Boy:

I have a special place in my heart for blueberry donuts which borders on an odd fascination.  This donut, more than any others I’ve encountered (of any flavor), tasted like a top-of-the-line cake that just happened to be in circular form.  The blueberries had a sweet richness and the interior was light, light, light (are you noticing a trend here?).

Donut #5: Glazed Whole Wheat

Coffee Girl:

This donut is the sleeper hit of Gibson’s cast of angels.  Polite and unassuming, too shy to insist that its whole wheat interior is the opposite of heavy, this glazed confection can satisfy 100% of one’s daily requirement of political correctness while tickling one’s taste buds down to the core.  A loyal companion to the blueberry donut (see above).

Donut Boy:

It’s gotta be the whole wheat aspect of this donut that gives it such a cool, distinct flavor.  As my colleague put it, strong hints of an almost “sourdough” flavor are immediately present and serve as an interesting and effective balance to the classically sweet glaze.

Donut #6: Powdered Sugar Straight

Coffee Girl:

We almost floated away with our first bite of the Powdered Sugar Straight.  Lighter-than-air confectioner’s sugar surrounds Gibson’s signature fluffy donut which, in turn, holds an infusion of ethereal whipped cream.  Up, up and away we float into the stratosphere!  Goodbye!  We’d love to stay, but we smiled too hard and swallowed ourselves!

Donut Boy:

Yes.  Imagine eating a cloud.  Hell, go out and actually try to eat a cloud.  Then you can come close to understanding this donut.  Phenomenal.

Donut #7: Glazed Cinnamon Bun

Coffee Girl:

Now here is a surprise.  Gibson’s cinnamon roll is smaller and lighter than one would expect in a cinnamon roll.  Just the right degree of cinnamon infusion, with a mouth-watering sugar glaze.  Delightful.

Donut Boy:

My first thoughts were, “Okay, this is just going to be a glazed donut in a different shape.”  But this pastry did not disappoint.  Buttery dough with a great glaze.  Yes, please.

Donut #8: Chocolate Frosted Cake

Coffee Girl:

[We must apologize, but by this point Donut Girl had expired from donut bliss and was prone on the floor, blathering inanities and pleading with the proprietor to allow her to move permanently into Gibson’s.   We’ll leave her alone for awhile.]

Donut Boy:

Okay, yeah, I’ll do my best.  At this point in our tasting, the great quality of the cake dough was not surprising.  Gibson’s nailed the chocolate frosting.  Rich, milky, still somewhat viscous.  My only regret is that I did not sample this donut earlier and, thus, have a better shot at doing it justice.  Fortunately, the only solution is to return to Gibson’s soon to get a fresh take.


In closing:

This morning the standards were re-defined.  Gibson’s is incredible.  Honestly, its somewhat out-of-the-way location is no excuse to not visit.  Wherever you are in relation to Oberlin, Ohio, get here if you can.  Carpool with some fellow donut enthusiasts.  Have a kid and then force them to go to Oberlin College.  Claim that you want to visit the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame in nearby Cleveland and then actually go here.   Do what you need to do.  Just check it out.

As we sit in the shifting light of the late morning, our faces encrusted with sugar and frosting, our stomachs filled with airy dough and sweet, sweet whipped cream, we are happy.  This morning we have reached Nirvana.  And the only logical next step is to come back here ASAP.



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