Wolf’s Bakery: Welcome to Flavortown

29 Jan

Some places just look like they’d have great donuts.  Wolf’s Bakery in Evergreen Park, IL has been catching our eye for quite some time, and we were finally able to get down to business and sample their wares this morning.

Here’s what we found:


Donut #1: Glazed

Coffee Girl: This donut was To Die For.  It was exceedingly light, and so puffy and fat it was hard to get our jaw open wide enough to insert it.  The Squish Factor was very high, just like we like it.  The light, sweet glaze had a bewitching hint of lemon.  In short — Wolf’s glazed yeast donut is heaven you can chew.

Donut Boy: It’s a blessing and a curse, but it happens: The first donut you grab ends up being the best one.  Oh, heavens!  This donut was gooey and sticky.  The glaze was all over the donut and melted amazingly as you chewed.  My colleague detected a slight hint of lemon and I myself think I might’ve tasted buttermilk.  I can only say that I look forward to conducting further Flavor Inspections with this donut.  Phenomenal.

Guest Contributor Dame Danish: I have achieved self-actualization through this donut.

Donut #2: Chocolate Frosted Cake Donut with Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: A very good donut, this entry nonetheless paled in comparison to Wolf’s glazed donut (see previous).  The cake was fine, and so was the chocolate frosting, but we were still dreaming of the plain glazed donut.

Donut Boy: I won’t beat around the bush: We here at Breakfast Adventures prefer a yeast donut to a cake donut any day.  So we were a little disappointed that we couldn’t get our hands on a chocolate frosted yeast donut.  Don’t misunderstand, though, this was a good donut.  Pretty classic milk chocolate frosting, crumbly cake dough that avoided being too dry.

Donut #3: Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: Goodness!  Wolf’s white frosting is closer to whipped cream than we’ve ever encountered.  What a great idea!  The cake was tasty, and the prodigious population of sweet sprinkles ensconced in the light, whipped frosting left us breathless and wanting more.

Donut Boy: Man, oh man! was this donut good.  A better take on the frosting-and-sprinkles combo with a sweet vanilla frosting that was gooier (I think it had cream cheese in it) and more copiously applied.  Tons of sprinkles provided crunch.  I think this donut was a little fresher than its chocolate frosted brother, too.  A classic, nailed.

Guest Contributor Dame Danish: A+ on sprinkles!!!

Donut #4: Vanilla Long John

Coffee Girl: On the other hand, we were not great fans of the vanilla icing on the long john.  It tasted strongly of confectioner’s sugar, which is never a bad thing, but the texture was gluey, which rather put us off the whole experience.

Donut Boy: Probably our least favorite donut of the morning, but if we take a step back and re-examine, we’ve got to confess that this pastry probably only seemed inferior in the context of its delicious fellow pastries.  On its own, this would be a tasty long john.  But we’ve still got to call it out: My largest complaint would be concerning the consistency of the frosting, which sat on top of the pastry like a shelf of ice and broke weirdly in mouth.  Almost plastic-y.  I suspect this donut had been sitting on the shelf a little longer than the other ones we tried.

Donut #5: Vanilla Frosted with Walnuts

Coffee Girl: Hooray!  Back to that enchanting whipped cream frosting on this one.  Plus, the chopped walnuts seemed to have a dusting of granulated sugar mixed in for an added sweet crunch, on top of a fresh cake donut.  Marvelous.

Donut Boy: More great, gooey vanilla frosting (see above), but with walnuts!  Crunchy and mish-y with a touch more class, too.  Great!

Donut #6: Boston Kreme

Donut Boy: I’m a sucker for a good Boston Kreme, and Wolf’s Bakery definitely made a sucker outta me this morning.  Plump, yeast dough with a tasty Frosting Hat gives way to a smooth, surprisingly mild custard (and plenty of it!).  The dough was so squishy that it yielded to the slight pressure of my hand and changed shape gradually, while somehow still magically holding all that great filling.  My #2 donut of the morning.

Guest Contributor Colonel Custard: Really good.  The filling had a unique texture with a flavor that hinted of rum cake.

Donut #7: Jelly

Donut Boy: Similar in plump-ness to the Boston Kreme (see above), with wiggly, almost pudding-like strawberry jelly inside (and again, lots of it!).  Bonus: Wolf’s liberally coated this donut with granulated sugar, which I was only too happy to get all over my fingers, and which brought a smile to my face as it crunched between my teeth.  I would get this again in an instant.

Donut #8: Chocolate Frosted Cruller

Coffee Girl: This donut was disarmingly light, with large air holes in the chewy dough, which was a smidgen dry.  Nice chocolate frosting, though, and, like the plain glazed donut, so fat it was hard to get our mouth around.

Donut Boy: We’re not totally sure what distinguishes a cruller from other donuts (besides its shape, of course).  We have some research to do.  But this donut caught our eye and we had to try it.  Interesting crusty sort of shell on the outside, with a very airy inside.  Lots of nooks and crannies.  This pastry was tasty, but I think it was more visually appealing in the end.

Bonus Pastry: Lemon Fluff!

Coffee Girl: Wow!  Who would have expected that this little lemon cupcake was filled with lighter-than-air lemon cream?  With the same delectable cream on top, this was a revelation.  We highly recommend it.

Donut Boy: Wolf’s is apparently known for their Lemon Fluff, and we can see why.  Lemon frosting on top of a moist lemon cupcake, with lemon frosting inside, too.  Your tongue can’t tell where the frosting stops and the cake starts.  It’s all just one awesome collage of silky lemon flavor.


We were right!  Wolf’s Bakery is consistent in its delivery of high quality pastries.  After all, they’ve been cranking them out for over 70 years!

There are a lot we didn’t try and we can’t wait to go back.  It is a bit of a hike if you’re not from the South Side of Chicago, but we adamantly insist that it’s worth it.

Until next week!



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