More tastiness on the South Side: Dat Old Fashioned Donut

5 Feb

When we first ventured into the South Side of Chicago a few weeks back to go to Old Fashioned Donuts, we knew we would be returning fairly soon to check out a similar spot.

Often mentioned in the same breath as Old Fashioned Donuts, Dat Old Fashioned Donut is a bit of a hike, but is just the kind of journey worth making if one is seeking some tasty pastries.

Here’s what we found:


Donut #1: Glazed

Coffee Girl: While this glazed donut is definitely a cut above any franchise donut, it does not score near the top of the list of other bakery donuts we’ve enjoyed in our travels.  Nice and squishy, yes — with an agreeable buttery taste.  Not unpleasant.

Donut Boy: We try not to live in the past, but honestly, we can still vividly recall the glazed donut we had last week at Wolf’s Bakery (long story short — it was amazing).  Dat Old Fashioned serves a great glazed donut: crispy, sticky glaze and plump, but it could have been moister.  Not quite as light as Wolf’s or Krispy Kreme.

Donuts #2-4: Chocolate, Caramel, & Strawberry Frosted

Coffee Girl: Here’s the reason to come to Dat Old Fashioned Donut:  the frosting.  Oooh, baby, they do make a fine frosting.  Our favorite is the strawberry, which convinced us it has little shreds of fruit in it.  And we don’t usually even like strawberry-flavored foodstuffs.  Crowding close behind for frosting dominance was the caramel — thick, creamy and buttery.  And the chocolate frosting would have beaten out all other contenders at most other donut emporiums.  So fresh it had to be licked off the wax paper in which it was served, the chocolate frosting was smooth, fresh, and very, very good.

Donut Boy: I was immediately impressed with the fresh, squishy dough of the chocolate frosted donut.  One of the freshest donuts I’ve ever had anywhere.  With all three of the above donuts, the frosting was excellent.  I agree with my colleague’s assertion that frosting seems to be one of Dat Old Fashioned Donut’s strengths.  As mentioned, I’m fairly certain there were real pieces of fruit in the strawberry frosting (awesome texture!) and the caramel frosting was buttery and decadent.  All three were top-notch.

Donut #5: Jelly

Coffee Girl: Good jelly, if a little overly gelatinous for our taste.  The donut was too insubstantial to hold up to the filling, but it was tasty.  We wouldn’t turn it away if it came to our door, unless it showed up with a strawberry frosted donut in tow (see above), in which case we would whisk the latter inside and tell the jelly donut to come back later.

Donut Boy: I could have used a little more jelly (Jelly Distribution is key for me).  The jelly I did get, though, was pleasing, flavor- and texture-wise.  Granulated sugar on the outside gave a nice crunch.  The dough didn’t blow me away, but it supported the jelly well enough.  A tasty classic done well.

Donut #6: Boston Kreme

Donut Boy: More ample filling than the jelly donut (see above).  This was a classic Boston Kreme, with a smooth sweet custard that combined really nicely with excellent chocolate frosting (see earlier).  I would get this again.

Donut #7: Chocolate Cake Twist

Coffee Girl: Flavorful cake with a thick and crunchy exterior, this donut was a better companion to Dat Old Fashioned Donut’s excellent chocolate frosting than the yeast donut (see above).

Donut Boy: We’ve got a little research to do, but we suspect that the different chemical makeup of cake donuts allows for more oil to soak in during the frying process.  We really liked the distinctly different flavor of the dough in this chocolate twist, and we think it might have been the oil we were tasting.  Excellent crunch on the exterior and the dough was spongy without being too dry (a tough balance to achieve).

Donuts #8 & 9: Blueberry & Chocolate Cake

Coffee Girl: Skip the chocolate cake donut and reach for the blueberry.  The former was pleasant but pallid, while the latter was a very successful combination of tasty cake and sweet glaze with little beads of delicious blueberry.

Donut Boy: Old fashioned, cake-style donuts are generally more subtle in their flavor.  I thought Dat Old Fashioned’s blueberry donut was superb: not overpoweringly sweet, but distinctly blueberry.  Real pieces of blueberry in the dough were a nice bonus.  The chocolate cake was okay, but a little bland.  The slightly-stiffer consistency of these donuts allows for easier dunking in coffee, which in the case of the chocolate cake was kind of necessary to enjoy it.


In closing, if we feel the need to stress anything, it’s that the frosting here is excellent.  Overall, we think that Old Fashioned Donuts and Wolf’s Bakery are better bets if you’re heading to the South Side.  Please don’t misunderstand, though: Dat Old Fashioned Donut has great, great donuts, and is definitely worth your time if you’re in the neighborhood.

We’d like to mention, too, that we are definitely considering returning to sample their over-sized glazed donut and apple fritter (see below).  But that is an adventure for another time.

Until next week, Pastry Lovers!



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