A Lil’ Taste of Texas Flavor: Highland Donuts

26 Mar

It is not often we here at Breakfast Adventures get a chance to do some research outside of Chicago.  But recently, Donut Boy traveled to Austin, Texas for SXSW, the annual music conference.  While there, he happened upon a charming local donut shop on the outskirts of Austin called Highland Donuts.  When he had a few minutes one morning, he stopped by to grab a few donuts and check it out.

Here’s what he found:


Donut #1: Apple Fritter

Donut Boy: Since I was just breezing through town, I had to grab a fritter.  You can tell a lot about a donut shop by the strengths (or lack thereof) of its fritters.  This one proved tasty.  Modestly sized and thin (see below), it packed a lot of crunch and plenty of the cinnamon-y, apple flavor I’ve come to love.  I arrived at Highland Donuts later than I normally would (around 10 AM), but this fritter was still plenty fresh.  I’d get it again, certainly.

Donut #2: Blueberry Cake

Donut Boy: It may not look like much, but don’t let the above picture fool you.  Highland Donut’s blueberry cake donut was topnotch, quite possibly the best I’ve ever had of its kind.  A slight crunch gave way to moist, luscious cake dough.  The blueberry flavor was front and center, smacking of freshness without being overpoweringly sweet.  My only regret was this donut’s smaller size.  I would have eaten three more of these.

Donut #3: Glazed Vanilla Custard Puff

Donut Boy: This third pastry caught my eye as I was finishing my order.  It’s shiny glaze seemed to wink at me, inviting me to try it.  I took the bait, and I’m glad I did.  The glaze was sweet and buttery (among the sweetest and most buttery I’ve ever tried), and the dough was moist.  Had there been no filling at all, this would have been an awesome glazed donut.  But there was filling…

After two initially small bites, I struck Flavor Gold.  Smooth, creamy vanilla custard poured out, combining with the squishy dough and the sticky glaze to bring me to new Flavor Heights.  Mmm!  Before I knew it the donut was over, and I was left sitting, knowing my life would never quite be the same.  Fantastic.


Donut Boy:  And that was that.  As quickly as my expedition began, it came to an end.  Having sampled three distinct entries, I was thoroughly impressed.  Highland Donuts is a Grade-A pastry shop.  While it might not look like much from the outside, inside its doors wait all sorts of baked goodies just waiting to make your taste buds smile.

My adventure this past Saturday morning gave me hope for donut-seekers the world over.  If an out-of-towner such as myself can find great donuts this easily, rest assured there is hope for anyone looking for a sugar buzz, wherever he or she may roam.  I look excitedly towards the future, knowing that new donuts lie waiting to be discovered.  As always, my colleague and I leave you with this promise:

Until next week!



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