Bridgeport Bakery!

7 May

Some bakeries have enormous signs shouting for you to check them out (see, for example, the sign at Roeser’s Bakery).  Others are more modest, and you might need to have your Flavor Goggles on to spot key words like “pastries” and “fresh.”  Bridgeport Bakery, located in the up-and-coming Bridgeport neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, is such a place.

Luckily for Sugar Adventurers in this day and age, Google makes finding these places a little easier.  On site, a low-key storefront that looks like an unassuming two-flat gives way to a humble Pastry Den.  We were charmed by this bakery and happy for the chance to try its wares.

Here’s what we found:


Donut #1: Glazed

Donut Boy: A donut like this just begs to be pulled apart.  Light and airy with a crackly-sweet glaze, there was really no part of this pastry I didn’t like.  Nice balance of butter and sugar, an ever-fleeting Sugar Pillow.  Awesome.

Coffee Girl: Oh-my-oh-my!  This donut made me weep with joy.  So light!  So delicate!  So sticky and sweet!  I just wanted to snuggle up with this little wonder and all its sisters and brothers and consume Bridgeport Bakery’s entire glazed donut population, but of course, as a Professional Donuteer, I decided to be patient.

Donut #2: Chocolate Frosted Cake

Donut Boy: We really loved Roeser’s Bakery last week, but we lamented the lack of crunch in their cake donuts.  Bridgeport Bakery reconnected us with what we’d been missing.  Great crunch, and a darker milk-chocolate-y glaze.  Nice modest size.  A straight-up good donut.

Coffee Girl: This donut proved that Bridgeport Bakery can produce not just one but two donuts that approach their Aristotelian ideals.  Wonderful texture, with the outer crust providing a nice crunchy complement to the soft, fresh dough inside.  Dreamy chocolate frosting, and I take my chocolate frosting very, very seriously.

Donut #3: Vanilla Frosted with Sprinkles

Donut Boy: Fantastic job on Sprinkling Application.  This donut also had excellent crunch, and an appealing vanilla frosting that shone through underneath its crunchy blanket of sprinkles.  Taste-wise, it was delicious, but this donut also had a lot going on the Texture Department.

Coffee Girl: Fabulous, despite the fact that we are against the color blue appearing on any donut that is not blueberry.  Damn you, Bridgeport Bakery, you can break the rules and still make Donut Magic.

Donut #4: Toasted Coconut

Donut Boy: We’ve expressed this concern before: Oftentimes with coconut donuts (toasted coconut or otherwise), one is hard-pressed to actually taste any hint of coconut.  I have to give Bridgeport Bakery some credit: I could actually taste some coconut here, although I definitely could have handled more.  Still, the supporting cast of vanilla frosting and crunchy cake donut made sure I enjoyed this pastry.  Tasty!

Coffee Girl: Nice.  Very, very nice.

Donut #5: Chocolate Frosted with Nuts

Donut Boy: Just really great.  We already knew we liked the chocolate frosting — how could adding nuts to that be a bad thing?  It most certainly wasn’t.  In fact, the flavor of the nuts really shone through without intruding on the already-great frosting.  Sometimes, toppings are an afterthought.  No so here.

Coffee Girl: Like he said.  And just look at that picture!  It tastes even better than it looks.

Donut #6: Chocolate Frosted Custard Bismark

Donut Boy: All of a sudden, I reached a pastry I wasn’t crazy about.  Yes, there was good Filling Distribution in this pastry and the one that followed (see below), but I didn’t really find anything special here.  The custard was sweet in a pretty basic way and the dough was just shy of being too dry.  An okay pastry, but I liked others way more.  Let’s move on.

Donut #7: Powdered Sugar Custard Bismark

Donut Boy: This unfortunate donut didn’t even have chocolate frosting to help it stand out.  Again, the custard was alright, but there wasn’t really much else going on.  Next!

Donuts #8 & #9:

Chocolate Frosted Roll & Chocolate Frosted Pretzel

Donut Boy: Here we encounter chocolate frosting on two interestingly-shaped pastries.  The first, shaped like a cinnamon roll (although my colleague and I swear we didn’t taste any cinnamon), was delicious.  Somehow even lighter than their glazed donut (see previous), the dough was just enough to support the tasty chocolate frosting.  The second pastry, basically a donut-ized version of a soft pretzel, was not that great.  Very dry and blah.  If you’re going to get one of these, get the roll.

Coffee Girl: I agree with my partner’s assessment of the chocolate-frosted soft pretzel.  The chocolate frosted roll, though, was such a genius idea that I can’t believe no one thought of it before.  Related to the chocolate croissant, this pastry combines all that we love about fresh, buttery rolls with the simple divinity of excellent chocolate.  Memorable.

Donut #10: Apple Cinnamon Roll

Donut Boy: It seems so obvious, yet we here at Breakfast Adventures had not yet encountered a pastry such as this until today.  My favorite of the morning!  Light-yet-moist dough laced with cinnamon and bits of apple underneath a delicious glaze.  I kind of wish all cinnamon rolls were cinnamon-apple rolls.  This was awesome, and I will certainly be getting another when we return.

Coffee Girl: For being such an unassuming bakery, this place must harbor Pastry Geniuses in its back room.  Another first, and another winner.  Delightfully soft, with a rich glaze as good as it looks, and that fresh apple and cinnamon inside to make us all happy.  A perfect combination.


And so, humble outer appearances gave way to delicious baked goods.  Bridgeport Bakery’s donuts are clearly made with TLC, and anyone who seeks a Good Donut owes it to him or herself to come see why Bridgeport residents are so happy (hint: it’s the donuts).

Some of Bridgeport Bakery's other offerings

One of the things that we’re gaining in our adventures thus far is a sense of the Donut Community of Chicago.  We here at Breakfast Adventures were glad for the chance to add Bridgeport Bakery to our map, and we urge you to check out this neighborhood and its fine bakery if the opportunity presents itself.

Until next week, Adventurers!



3 Responses to “Bridgeport Bakery!”

  1. Lo August 27, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    So, have you been to Donut Vault? I was considering it but… waiting for an hour or more for a 3 dollar donut (and they only have 3 kinds?!). Why do that when I could go here or old fashioned? I’m interested if you plan on going?

    • coffeegirlanddonutboy August 30, 2011 at 12:03 am #

      Hi Lo,

      We’re far more into eating donuts than we are into waiting in long lines for them. Especially if, as you say, they cost $3 each.

      Maybe someday, if the lines die down and the moment seems right, we might visit. But we have no plans to do so in the near future.



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