Fresh and simple: A return to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park

30 Jul

Dear Readers: We had every intention of returning this week to the amazing County Donuts in Schaumburg.  Alas, even the best laid Donut Plans can fall to the side in the face of automobile troubles.  Yes, our beloved Donut Mobile is currently a little under the weather.  For this reason, we decided to stay closer to Donut HQ and head over to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park.

Now, those of you a little more familiar with Breakfast Adventures‘ history may recall that the Farmers’ Market is, in fact, the very first Donut Location we visited when we began our journeys back in September 2010.  This is because we’ve long been familiar with and appreciative of the amazing donuts the market has to offer.  In every sense of the phrase, the farmers’ market is a “safe bet” for freshness and flavor.

The donut tent at the Farmers' Market: Enter here for hot, fresh donuts.

So, unlike most mornings, we began our adventure this morning with a good idea of what lay ahead.  But allow us to elaborate:


Donut #1: Powdered Sugar

Coffee Girl: Just when I’d come to the conclusion that life is too short for a donut without frosting, I was re-introduced to Oak Park Farmers’ Market’s powdered sugar donut.  Who needs frosting when a thick blanket of sweet, powdery white melts into Mouth Bliss the second it hits the tongue?  Who needs frosting when the next moment brings the ecstatic crunch of a fresh, well-fried donut, revealing an inner sanctum of light-but-solid cake?  Best when ingested in multiples.

Donut Boy: This is a bold, in-your-face donut.  It confidently smacks your taste buds with its avalanche of powdered sugar.  When your tongue has finally surrendered to the Sugar Wave, the crunch of the dough and the taste of the frying oil bring everything home.  Messy, crunchy, powder-y awesomeness.  Certainly the best powdered sugar donut I’ve ever had.

Donut #2: Plain

Coffee Girl: If one must have a plain, unglazed donut, have none other.  Delicious cake introduced by the fried, sweet crunch that defines the Truly Sublime Donut.

Donut Boy: If anything, this plain donut simply provides a more intimate look at what makes the donuts at the farmers’ market so special.  It starts with the crunchy exterior and continues through the fresh, rich dough, ending always with the distinct impression that you have just tasted something freshly fried.  Delightful.

Donut #3: Cinnamon

Coffee Girl: Oh my oh my.  Fairly small and unassuming, this donut packs an innocent-but-deadly punch.  The crackly texture of granulated, cinnamon-enhanced sugar on the outside lulls the Donuteer into unguarded complacence, the better to ambush one with a Pleasure Bomb of crunchy cake.  Donuts Forever!

Donut Boy: The dough in itself already has a great crunchy skin to it.  When you add cinnamon sugar: Crunch City.  The cinnamon coating is a little less in-your-face than the powdered sugar and for this reason, this donut is my favorite.  Just the right amount of sweet.  More, please.


…Aaaand that’s it.  Three cake donuts and we’re done.  That’s how the Oak Park Farmers’ Market rolls.  Simple, unassuming.  Three options, all of which are delicious.  No need to over-think things.

If you’re in the area or passing through on a Saturday morning, we wholeheartedly recommend making a stop here.  It’s just as much about the environment as it is about the great donuts.  There’s lots of other things for sale, too — fresh produce, crafts, etc.

More generally, if you know or have heard of a farmers’ market in your own neighborhood, make a trip and check it out.  If they do offer donuts, odds are good they will be delicious, fresh things.

And, if they do offer donuts, please let us know.  We’d love to taste for ourselves.

Until next week, Donuteers!



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