County Donuts in Schaumburg: Part 2

8 Aug

It was a busy weekend, Dear Readers, for donut- and non-donut-related reasons.  Whereas normally we strive to bring a Fresh Report every Saturday morning, the events of the last 72 hours forced a delay-of-game.

Nevertheless, on this Monday morning we are happy to bring you Part 2 of our visit to County Donuts in Schaumburg, IL.

Two weeks ago, we visited County Donuts for the first time and were blown away.  We realized immediately that County Donut’s plethora of donut options warranted a two-part entry.  This past Saturday, we returned and tried several kinds we hadn’t had before.

Here’s what we found:


Donut #1: Buttermilk

Donut Boy: We started simple, but let’s be clear: “simple” should not be equated with bland.  This donut’s perfect crunch, mixed with moist, butter-y dough reminded us of what makes a good donut shop good: nailing the classics.

Coffee Girl: This is the definition of an excellent donut. Crunch? Check. Fresh?  Check. Sweet but not insultingly so? Check and check.

Donut #2: Chocolate Frosted

Donut Boy: Here, another classic done exactly right.  Creamy, milk-chocolate-y frosting on top of fluffy, puffy yeast dough.  Awesome.

Coffee Girl: I really like County Donuts’ chocolate frosting. Luscious and creamy, it perfectly complements their delightfully mushy raised donuts. I wish I had four more right this very minute.

Donut #3: Cherry

Donut Boy: Cherry?!?  We know, we know.  We were intrigued, too.  I don’t want this to sound demeaning, but my favorite parts of this donut had nothing to do with the actual cherry flavor, which I found pleasant but not breathtaking.  No, for my money, this donut was all about the awesome crunchy outside and the beautiful red hue found throughout the pastry.

Coffee Girl: Awesome texture, but too sweet for me.

Donut #4: Coconut

Donut Boy: Having already had County Donut‘s toasted coconut two weeks ago and loved it, I had a strong suspicion I would really like this donut.  I was right, I did.  Here, copiously applied coconut shreds adorned one of County Donut’s superb cake donuts.  Again, County Donuts managed to do what no other donut shop in our travels has done — they made a coconut donut in which I could actually taste and enjoy the coconut.  Delicious.

Coffee Girl: Angelic — this fluffy donut transported me with its halo of fluffy coconut, messily glued onto a rich and buttery cake donut with a thick, sweet glaze. Divine.

Donut #5: German Chocolate

Donut Boy: Let me start with an obvious comparison for this donut.  Have you ever had Samoas (a.k.a. Caramel DeLites), that one flavor of Girl Scout Cookies that has caramel, coconut, and chocolate?  That’s a lot like what this donut tastes like.  In other words, it’s delectable.  Five donuts in and we’d yet to encounter a disappointing donut.

Coffee Girl: Very nice indeed on the outside, although I’m starting to suspect I will never meet a chocolate donut that doesn’t have a hint of bitterness that I find off-putting.

Donut #6: Jelly with Vanilla Frosting

Donut Boy: This donut stopped just short of being too much for me.  Creamy, creamy vanilla frosting on top of a stupefyingly soft yeast donut with light strawberry jelly inside (and plenty of it, too).  Just like the black raspberry donut I had last time, the donut containing the jelly was good in and of itself.  I ate the whole thing!

Coffee Girl: Doesn’t your mouth water just looking at this donut? Like a gorgeous 13 year-old who doesn’t yet realize how luscious she’s becoming, this innocently dynamite donut hits on all cylinders.

Donut #7: Vanilla Creme with Chocolate Frosting

Coffee Girl: Delectable whipped cream in the middle, copiously inserted inside a pillow of fresh, raised donut, then topped with an excellent milk chocolate frosting — thank you, God, for the gift of taste buds.

Donut Boy: A truly awesome textural experience, this donut just kept the creamy, gooey goodness coming.  Between the delicious whipped cream in the middle and the luscious chocolate frosting on top, my tongue whirred deliriously and happily.  This is a good, good thing.

Donut #8: Chocolate Creme

Coffee Girl: Not quite as titillating as its partner in cream above, this donut sported luscious chocolate cream filling, again applied with an admirably heavy hand, inside a lovely donut pillow that was heavily dusted with powdered sugar. Excellent, but I was still distracted by memories of the chocolate-frosted vanilla cream donut above.

Donut Boy: I didn’t like the texture of the filling as much here; at times I felt like I was simply eating cupcake frosting out of a jar.  That’s unfair, though, the donut surrounding the chocolate creme was darn tasty, the powdered sugar coating providing an extra element of awesomeness.  At this point, I may very well be nitpicking.  If you get this donut, I’d bet good money you’ll fall for it.

Donut #9: Peanut

Donut Boy: Oh my, oh my.  360 degrees of peanut coverage.  This donut was my favorite of the morning.  I loved the crunchy, salty peanuts.  And then the sweetly glazed cake donut underneath provided just enough sugar to balance out the savory.  Truly, truly delicious.

Coffee Girl: Like a Payday candy bar in donut form. I love Payday candy bars. I love this donut. Truly, truly delicious.


And so, with much happiness, we conclude our coverage of County Donuts.  Truly, this is a donut place worth driving for.  Every donut is made fresh and with great care.  In fact, you can see the donut makers at work right when you walk in:

A worker at County Donuts turns out the good stuff.

County Donuts was so good, Readers, that we came to a Donut Realization: Sometimes words alone are an inadequate judge of a bakery’s worth.  So, with great excitement, we announce 2 new changes to Breakfast Adventures coming soon:

  1. In addition to reviewing a donut shop and discussing its high points and low points, we will now rank both the individual donuts and the bakery as a whole, based on a yet-to-be-determined Donut Scale.
  2. Soon, we will begin revisiting places from our List and re-assessing them, so as to be able to accurately rank all donut shops visited and, in effect, be able to give you a numbered list of our recommendations.

We make these changes in the continuing attempt to provide you in-depth Donut Coverage and well-informed Pastry Recommendations.  Donuts, after all, are serious business.

Until next week!



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