Back to Basics for $7: Rolling Donuts

20 Aug

A month or two ago, we headed to Rolling Donuts, a donut shop located on the south side of Chicago.  We’d heard a lot of great things and were excited.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we found it inexplicably closed.  We thought that it had perhaps gone out of business and Google (that great source of donut information) had not yet updated its records.

We were very pleased when it turned out this was not the case.  Fellow Donut Appreciator Barb S. suggested we check it out, and explained that the owners had probably just closed for vacation and that Rolling Donuts was definitely now open.

Here are some highlights from our trip:



Donut Boy: After the terrible quasi-healthy donuts we came across last week, it was nice to bite into a donut and immediately taste strong hints of frying oil.  A sticky, buttery glaze upped the street cred.  Pretty classic-tasting to me.

Score: 8.7

Angel Cream

Coffee Girl: This donut alone is worth a visit to Rolling Donuts.  With a whipped cream filling (yay!) inside a worthy raised donut, blanketed by a heavy snowfall of powdered sugar, this Bad Boy is indeed divine.

Score: 8.9

Chocolate Frosted Cake

Coffee Girl: A disappointment.  Tasted like it had been sitting around.

Donut Boy: If you find yourself jonesing for some chocolate, go with Rolling Donuts’ chocolate yeast donut instead.  This one was dry and lackluster.

Score: 5.6

Toasted Coconut

Coffee Girl: Feh.  Why is it so darn hard to make a chocolate donut that doesn’t taste ashy and better?

Donut Boy: Flavor-wise, nothing about this donut actually says “coconut.”

Score: 7.0


Donut Boy: This donut really stood apart from the rest for me.  Awesome crunch, nicely moist interior.  The dough had a rich, deep cake flavor and the glaze left a lingering sweetness on the palate.  Gone in seconds.

Coffee Girl: Now we’re talking donuts.  This buttermilk entry is a textbook example of what a donut should be about.  The sweetly glazed, crunchy exterior offers can’t-miss-it proof that the donut has indeed been fried, which is why we eat donuts instead of cake.

Score: 9.0


Rolling Donuts is a solid, no-frills donuts shop, just the kind we like to visit.  The donuts are clearly made with care and, for the most part, were very fresh.

Their prices, too, will make any Donuteer smile.  A dozen donuts?  $7.12.

OVERALL SCORE: 8.0 (out of 10)

We’re glad we gave Rolling Donuts a second chance, thanks again to Barb S. for insisting we check it out.

Until next week, Pastry People!



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