Under the radar and delicious: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park

3 Sep

We’d like to thank our Dear Readers who have submitted bakeries to check out.  We really enjoyed Rolling Donuts last week, and this week we were keen to check out another recommendation: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park, IL (not too far from Donut HQ).  Thanks again to Barb S. for the tip.

After packing the Donut Mobile and loading up on coffee, we headed out to investigate.

Here are some highlights from our adventure:


Glazed Donut w/ Chocolate Ribbons

Coffee Girl: Please observe the plumpness of the donut above.  It tastes as soft and pillow-y as it appears.  Ahhh — righteous yeastiness; ahhh — gentle butteriness.  Thank you, Sweet Perfection of chocolate-and-white-glaze medley. Donuteers:  witness a Donut That Approaches Perfection.

Donut Boy: Sweet, gooey glaze meets a distinct fried-oil taste.  Chocolate frosting sends it over the top.  Light, plush, sinful.  Everything a donut should be.

Score: 9.4

Double Chocolate with Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: Kudos to the mouth-watering visual presentation here.  This donut is also praiseworthy in the Chocolate Cake Department, avoiding that bitter edge to the taste that typically breaks my heart in my encounters with chocolate cake donutry.  And Kuppie’s chocolate frosting?  OH YEAH!  Too sweet?  NO!!  Too chemical-y?  NO!!  Just right?  OH YEAH!!

Donut Boy: I suspect I would have liked this donut more if it had been on regular cake dough, instead of chocolate cake dough.  Let’s get it straight, though: This dough was moist with a slight crunch, aided by sprinkles.  The chocolate frosting is certainly excellent.

Score: 8.9

Vanilla Frosted Croissant

Coffee Girl: Oh thank you, Lord, for Kuppie’s heavily glazed croissant.  You heard me: They take a delicate, flakey, buttery croissant and fry it, and if that weren’t naughty enough, they then drench it in a thick, sweet glaze.  Result?  A sweet, crinkly initial sugar rush followed by a crunchy, buttery bit of heaven.  As I said to my compatriot, Donut Boy, as I munched ecstatically, this is how angels sin.  They sit around, playing poker, with piles of Kuppie’s croissants and sugar-encrusted smiles.

Donut Boy: So incredibly decadent.  We applaud the kind of minds that would come up with something like this.  This pastry laughs in the face of health nuts (what are they doing eating donuts, anyways?) and throws a Butter Party.  More!

Score: 9.3

Apple Fritter

Donut Boy: Call me a Fritter Snob if you like, but to me this is not a fritter.  A fritter is thin, fried within an inch of its life, and crispy.  There is no poof.  There is no lush interior.  Sure, this was tasty, but it’s not a fritter.  If you want a large sort of apple-flavored donut, this is an okay choice.  But Fritter Seekers – stay away.

Score: 7.6

Choc. Frosted Buttercream

Coffee Girl: If angels lie around with their feet on the coffee table, robes hikes up to their knees, chowing down on Kuppie’s croissants, then it’s the staff in Hell that squats around in a satanic circle and inhales the chocolate frosted, buttercream-filled “triangles” from this Den of Donut Delight.  Perfect chocolate frosting on the top, devilishly smooth whipped cream filling, soft raised donut fried to perfection.  Yes.

Donut Boy: The donut has some heft lying in your hand.  Almost like you could use it as third base in a game of pickup baseball.  But bite into it and you discover a light, ethereal cream surrounded by moist dough with a salty, fried skin.  Simply marvelous.

Score: 9.4


We are surprised that Kuppie’s hasn’t popped up on our Donut Radar earlier than this week.  That is to say, when we are Googling the words “donut” and “nearby” and “right now,” it’s a bit baffling why more people haven’t been shouting the praises of this great little bakery.  Allow us to shout.

Don't let its quasi-strip mall surroundings fool you: Kuppie's is great!

Kuppie’s is superb, everything a donut shop should be.  Delicious glazes, interesting selections, fair prices.  Get the word out: This is worth a stop.

OVERALL SCORE: 9.2 (out of 10)

On second thought, maybe don’t go telling everyone you know.  We want to make sure there are still a few chocolate buttercreams left when we return (which we certainly will).

Until next week, and please — don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a place we haven’t seen yet.



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