Taking the Time to Bake it Right: Beverly Bakery

15 Oct

In this fast-paced modern age in which we live, it’s important to remember a Donut Truism: Always leave yourself time to stop and smell the frying oil.

Similarly, it never hurts to have your eyes peeled for bakeries when you are driving places.

We’ve been near Beverly Bakery in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood several times, but only recently did we notice it and make a plan to take action.  This Saturday, we acted on that plan.  (Special thanks to Angela for the tip-off.)

The place was warm and inviting upon entering.  Beverly Bakery actually specializes in house-roasting many different varieties of coffee (spoiler alert: the coffee is delicious), and it was clear that a great amount of care is put into all aspects of the operation.

After ordering a quick dozen donuts, we returned to the Donut Mobile for taste analysis.  Here’s what we found:


Choc. & Vanilla w/ Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: Beverly Bakery’s donuts are classic and excellent.  Resisting America’s size creep with a smaller donut than we’ve grown to expect (especially in such Throw-Caution-to-the-Winds emporiums as Dat Donut and Huck Finn), Beverly Bakery’s entries in the Pantheon of Carb/Sugar Bliss are demurely sized.  Their taste and texture, however, reveal true Donut Power.  First we notice the stand-alone frosting – superb and independent.  You could frost cardboard with these divine potions and still be mighty happy to eat them.  The chocolate frosting is a tad darker than the norm and a hair less sweet, with a rich taste that perfectly complements the gently sweet cake.  And the cake has Crunch, the importance of which we cannot overstate.  The white frosting is thick and hard – delightful.  Sprinkles?  Just one more thing to love.

Donut Boy: Right away, I really appreciated the crunch in both these cake donuts.  It’s been a while since we’ve encountered a cake donut with a truly great crunch.  I liked both frostings, especially the darkly-tinged chocolate, which a pleasingly unusual flavor I’ve never really come across before.

Score: 9.0

Choc. & Vanilla Long Johns

Coffee Girl: I had already decided Beverly Bakery’s donuts were A Cut Above, when I bit into one of their raised long johns.  My estimation went soaring skyward, like a thermometer in the mouth of a kid with a fever.  Even their raised donuts have the All Important Crunch.  Oh, Beverly Bakery — my heart is yours.  Standing as my favorite donut of the day is the chocolate frosted long john, with that excellent thick, slightly darkish chocolate frosting atop a soft, chewy donut with a bit of fried crunch on the outside.

Donut Boy: I was very intrigued by the fact that both donuts still possessed a bit of an exterior crunch.  The interior was rich and butter-y and reminded me of high-quality bread, though without any of the unpleasant “too chewy” connotations that often go hand in hand with such descriptions.  Again, awesome frosting.  Delicious.

Score: 9.3

Glazed Cake & Glazed Long John

Coffee Girl: The glazes here are quite nice, and bring out the taste of both Beverly Bakery’s cake and raised donuts.  I liked them, but not as much as Donut Boy, who was still frozen in ecstasy as I reached over his immobile, donut-clutching hands for more bites of the chocolate frosted long john.

Donut Boy: Guilty as charged.  The glazed cake donut was definitely my favorite of the morning.  Awesome texture with a simple glaze that never outstripped any other elements of the pastry.  The glazed long john was very good, too: buttery and plump, as a good donut should be.

Score: 9.0


Donut Boy: The darker chocolate frosting mixed with the savory, egg-y dough worked very well to counterbalance the textbook sweetness of the custard.  Pleasing consistency to the custard and satisfying distribution.  An overall air of elegance emanated from this donut.  And still, a crust!

Score: 9.1


As we suspected would be the case, a great amount of care pervaded Beverly Bakery’s donut offerings.  Truly, it’s been a while since we’ve had donuts this consistent in their quality.  Also, the attention to detail is really inspiring.  Each donut feels handmade (which the probably are).


As you can see from the above picture, there are plenty of other awesome reasons to check out Beverly Bakery.  Really, their coffee variety alone merits a visit.  Add their friendly, helpful, speedy service and the option to dine in at a table (they also serve “real” food), and you really have no reason not to check them out.

And just think, Dear Readers, our whole trip stemmed from keeping an eye out for the next possible Sugar Destination.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a place you think we should check out.

Until next week!



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