Dimples Donuts: A Donut Destination in Batavia

5 Nov

Donuteers, do not be afraid of a bit of a drive.  If there’s one lesson we took away from this morning, it’s that truly good donuts are indeed worth trekking around for.  What place taught us this valuable lesson?

Dimples Donuts in Batavia, IL (which is really not that bad of a drive if you’re heading out early in the morning, prime Pastry Hours) is such a place.  We’ve seen Dimples’ name on the Internet many times, but had shied away from actually checking it out because the drive was a bit daunting.

Boy, are we glad we finally worked up the courage to get in the Donut Mobile and drive!  This place really knows their donuts.

Here’s what we found:


Chocolate and Vanilla (both with sprinkles)

Coffee Girl
: Dimples’ cake donuts are extremely fine, possessing every characteristic of the Donut Supreme — to wit, fresh springiness to the cake, which has a sweet and interesting taste, exterior crunch that signals just the right frying technique, and top-notch frosting performance in both the chocolate and vanilla categories.  Recognizing ourselves to be in the hands of Donut Makers That Know a Thing or Two, we relax back into a blissful state of Donut Readiness for what is to follow.

Donut Boy: These donuts are textural bliss.  Smooth, creamy frosting merged seamlessly with a moist cake donut.  Sprinkles dart in and out, providing wonderful little pockets of crunch.  Both frostings were sweet and gentle, like the girl next door whom you never realized was so interesting.  Top notch.

Score: 9.2

Maple Long John

Coffee Girl: We can only thank our lucky stars that we were warmed up before we attempted this donut.  Oh.  My.  God.  Words fail us, but not really:  this buttery raised donut melts in the mouth with just the right amount of chewiness, and That Frosting!  Marvelously Maple, maple that evokes visions of brightly-colored fall leaves, our cheeks frosted to rosiness, warmed by the companionable fires of group bliss.  This maple frosting could achieve world peace.

Donut Boy: Yes, the frostings at Dimples Donuts have an almost chilling effect.  I don’t mean “spooky” as much as “relaxing.”  So smooth, perfect maple.  Any donut that reminds us of Gibson’s (probably our favorite donut spot to date) is worth shouting about.  That’s the case here.

Score: 9.6


Coffee Girl: Excellent.  We’ll let Donut Boy wax ecstatic here…

Donut Boy: Crunch crunch CRUNCH.  Butter-y, moist, everything a true old-fashioned donut should be.  I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Score: 9.5


Coffee Girl: The last strawberry frosted donut we encountered was in a Mexican bakery, where we should have known better.  We survived, just barely, with our Donut Courage only slightly compromised.  In contrast, Dimples’ attempt is a delight.  Their light, buttery raised donut is graced with a beautiful pink frosting whose taste is sophisticated indeed — gentle and fruity with a sly sweetness that waits until the very end to announce itself.

Score: 9.2


Donut Boy: What amazed me most about this donut was how delicious the donut-around-the-jelly was.  Oftentimes, this aspect of a jelly donut can get the short end of the stick.  Bread-iness prevails, as do dry, stale pastries.  But here!  Moist, plump, with a glaze that recalls the finer points of a Krispy Kreme.  Add tasty jelly in to the mix and you’ve got one heckuva donut.

Coffee Girl: Excellent.  Ask Donut Boy.

Score: 9.3

Chocolate Frosted, Whipped Cream-Filled

Coffee Girl: If I weren’t already married, I’d plan my wedding around this donut.  Luscious chocolate frosting atop Dimples’ superior raised donut, surrounding a truly breathtaking whipped cream which, if it is not the genuine home-made article, sure fooled me.  The wedding dress would have been the whipped cream, the chocolate would be represented in the lustrous satin gowns of the bridesmaids, and — let’s see — the swooning Dionysian sensation of tastebud ecstasy would be recreated by everyone getting drunk on champagne before the wedding.

Donut Boy: Good Lord.  Just look at these pictures.  One of the best donuts I’ve ever had.  I think I’ll leave it at that.

Score: 10.0


Oh! the eternal discovery, the sweet joys of Donuteering!  Just when we think we’ve started to get a grip on most of Chicagoland’s donut shops, a new one sneaks up and enchants us.  Dimples Donuts is truly incredible.  Without exaggeration, one of the best shops we’ve been to yet.


So if you find yourself tired of Dunkin Donuts, or if you want a break from your neighborhood bakery, take a trip to Batavia.  You will not be disappointed.

Us?  We’ll be back as soon as we can!

Until next week, Dear Readers!



One Response to “Dimples Donuts: A Donut Destination in Batavia”

  1. bumblebee November 5, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    Never before have I encountered anything that sounds so delicious as those donuts!!!

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