Kay’s Bakery: Returning to an Old Favorite

17 Dec

This morning found us at a bakery we’ve been to several times before (officially and unofficially), Kay’s Bakery in Forest Park.  It’s an unassuming local bakery that serves up some seriously delicious donuts.

We first visited Kay’s almost exactly a year ago, and we loved it then.  Since that time, however, we have decided to begin scoring our Donut Haunts, in an effort to objectively rank them (see here).  So we knew we had to return in order to give Kay’s the marks it deserves.

Here’s what we found:


Choc. Frosted w/ Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: Excellent in all categories – luscious, slightly runny milk chocolate frosting with a satisfying crunch of sprinkles; fresh, gently-flavored cake with a bit of an exterior crunch from frying.

Donut Boy: As my colleague said, a truly good donut in all areas.  I can find no faults.

Score: 9.2

Apple Frosted

Coffee Girl: I love Kay’s vanilla frosting, and it is perfect atop this fresh, delicately spiced apple cake.  By this point, Donut Boy and I realize that we’re in good hands, donut-wise.  We relax and look forward to more.

Donut Boy: Kay’s really knocks their frosting out of the park.  Fresh and viscous, it takes their already-tasty pastries to the next level.

Score: 9.2

Pumpkin Frosted

Coffee Girl: With a broad smile, I bite into Kay’s Wonderful White Icing, which tops this pumpkin donut.  But I am not so crazy about what follows:  strangely flavored cake with an after-taste of mustard, according to Donut Boy.  I can’t disagree.

Donut Boy: Something missed its mark here.  By all accounts, I expected greatness.  But alas!

Score: 6.0

Choc. Frosted Long John &
Choc. Frosted Long John w/ Custard

Coffee Girl: Kay’s chocolate-frosted long john is a very fine donut – perhaps just a tad dry, to the Picky Donuteer.  The custard-filled version is more pleasing, as the tasty custard offsets the slight dryness of the dough.

Donut Boy: Yes, I’d have to say I enjoyed Kay’s cake donuts more.  But the plethora of frosting still sold these donuts for me.  I’d get both again.

Score: 8.0 and 8.5, respectively


Coffee Girl: Only an over-squishiness of the dough keeps this donut from attaining Divine Donut status.  Kay’s version is nice and heavy-handed on the messy white frosting, and the raspberry jelly is superior.

Donut Boy: I’d have to say I enjoyed this donut more last time we were here.  Perhaps this one just wasn’t as fresh.  By all means, though, a delicious donut.  Fantastic Jelly Distribution.

Score: 8.5


When you forgot to ask for a box, you may need to resort to a car dash for Donut Storage.

We’re pleased to say we’d have to rank Kay’s with the best of the donut shops we’ve scored so far.  With donuts that smack of freshness and boast delicious frosting, they’re a sure bet for anyone looking for a better-than-Dunkin’-Donuts option.


Dear Readers, never be afraid to seek out the small, local bakeries.  It is they who will undoubtedly hold the key to unlocking Donut Party Time.

Until next week!



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