Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park: This is what a 10.0 tastes like

28 Jan

Tucked away under a small awning with an assuming name lies Dunk Donuts, one of the true Donut Meccas of the Chicagoland western suburbs.

Not to be confused with Dunkin’, this little shop has been in service for years.  Your Brave Explorers can be found here on many off-weekends (those being the Saturdays in which are not on Official Pastry Business).  We also covered Dunk many months ago, before our critically acclaimed ratings system was established.

One of Dunk Donuts' employees: Next time, we'll ask her name.

Time and time again, we have come away happy.  This could be because all their donuts are really good, or it could be because Our Good Friend (see above) — whose name we still do not know — never lets us leave without a full baker’s dozen, even if she only charges us for the 5 or 6 we asked for.

Needless to say, we were eager to return and apply some scoring to these great pastries.

Here’s what we found:


Whipped Cream Topping with Sprinkles

Coffee Girl: We still haven’t run into Dunk Donuts’ heavenly whipped cream frosting anywhere else.  Have you?  Whether on a raised Long John or a cake donut, this frosting is the Best Glue Ever to hold on tasty, crunchy sprinkles.  Does it get any better?  Hold on…


Donut Boy: C’mon!  Just look at this donut.  It’s like a cloud.  One bite backs this up.  The coconut cuts through, intertwining beautifully with the ethereal whipped cream.  More, please!

Score: 9.4, 9.4 and 9.5 (respectively)


Coffee Girl: This donut left me whimpering and begging for more and set the standard for Maple Frosted donuts.  Like a first true love, the ghost of this donut will haunt every other encounter with a M. F. donut (that’s Maple Frosted) I experience in the future.

Donut Boy: Just really top-notch.  The cake has crunch but is still moist, something that many donut-makers seem to struggle with but Dunk Donuts pulls off effortlessly.  The frosting is gooey and creamy and really everything any Donuteer could want.

Score: 10.0

Chocolate Frosted w/ Peanuts/Almonds

Coffee Girl: The killer chocolate frosting atop Dunk Donuts’ fabulous cake donut was so superb, I wondered how things could get any better.  Now I know:  add nuts.  The peanut topping was actually a tad too peanut-y for me.  The pecan-topped donut, on the other hand, was bliss.

Donut Boy: Still batting 1000, Dunk Donuts’ nut-topped donuts achieve what similar entries have not: you can actually taste the nuts.  Delicious, and well-balanced by the chocolate frosting.

Score: 9.2 and 9.3


Donut Boy: This donut really didn’t have to be good.  After only a few samples of Dunk Donuts, the pastry shop had nothing left to prove.  So imagine our delight when we bit into a donut that any bakery would happily boast about.  Dunk Donuts’ yeast dough is pillow-y but not dry.  The glaze is perfect.

Coffee Girl: To.  Die.  For.

Score: 10.0


Donut Boy: Crunchy and crumbly with a sticky glaze and fresh blueberry flavor?  What’s not to like?

Score: 9.6


For their consistent excellency and freshness, we do not hesitate to give Dunk Donuts our highest ranking yet:


As you can see here, this is Serious Donutry.  We have many more trips to make before we can fully cover all that Dunk Donuts has to offer.  Trust us, that’s a task we look forward to heartily.

More people need to know about Dunk Donuts.  If you have a car and are wondering which way you should point it in order to find the good stuff, look no further.

Until next week!



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