The caped crusaders…

Coffee Girl

Alias: K.J. Gehring

Super powers: High tolerance for caffeine, able to distinguish the freshness of a pastry down to the minute, drinks black coffee.

Weaknesses: Absolutely crazy for dogs of any sort – must stop and pet every one she sees.

Donut Boy

Alias: G.P. Miller

Super powers: Ability to eat several donuts in one sitting, powerful willingness to try new flavors.

Weaknesses: Needs plenty of sugar and cream in his coffee in order to enjoy it.


We, the combined superteam of Coffee Girl & Donut Boy, hereby make it our mission to venture into previously uncharted breakfast territory, to sample the pastries of America, to inform the good people of this fair country just where the good stuff lies, to look nutritional guidelines in the face and laugh heartily, to vanquish stale goods and old coffee, to spit in the face of half-baked goods everywhere, to fully appreciate the morning.

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