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2010: The Year in Donuts

1 Jan

It’s been a great year.

Since we started in September, we’ve had many adventures in the Donut Mobile, driving around on our Pastry Expeditions.  Click here for a full list of the places we’ve checked out. We’ve had a blast digging into donuts from all over the place.

Naturally, as the year draws to a close, we have become reflective.  Pensive, even.

What we present to you now are highlights from our travels thus far, for better or worse.  It’s time to honor the places of Pastry Greatness (and warn you about places of Questionable Quality).

Without further ado,

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13 Nov

Can we ask you something?  Why do you eat donuts, anyway?  Is it because you long to abide, just for a few sweet moments, in heaven?  We thought so.  Long no longer.  Abide ye in Oberlin, Ohio, at Gibson’s Food Mart & Bakery.  We are almost too happy to speak.

Now, we here at Breakfast Adventures have been to Gibson’s before.  But it’s been a little while.  That’s why, when we determined we would rendezvousing with Dame Danish (Guest Donuteer — see here) in beautiful Oberlin, Ohio, we were stoked.

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