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A Return to Bridgeport: Impallaria Bakery

24 Sep

For a little while, it’s been feeling like we’ve started to dry up the Chicago area’s supply of donut shops.  Frequently, someone will say to us, “Oh, have you been to such-and-such place?  I heard they’re really good.”  To which we reply, “Oh yes, we’ve been there, their chocolate frosted donuts are to die for.”

In these times of Donut Uncertainty, we have begun to reach out to friends and colleagues, eager to investigate any place we have not yet checked out.  This is how we got wind of Impallaria Bakery in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

We’ve ventured into Bridgeport before (see our write-up of Bridgeport Bakery) and were very happy with the trip.  We hoped that this morning’s adventure might yield similar results.

Here’s what we found:

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County Donuts in Schaumburg: Part 1

23 Jul

Every now and then, in life and its donut-related conquests, one comes across a problem, an obstacle if you will.  When donuts are involved, these problems frequently fall under the category of “good problems to have.”  For example, maybe your problem is that you’re really hankering for a chocolate donut.  Solution: hop in the Donut Mobile and go get one.

This morning, we were faced with a problem that we consider a blessing: We found a donut shop so awesome that we simply cannot provide adequate coverage in one visit.  Allow us, Dear Readers, to discuss County Donuts in Schaumburg, IL.

A few weeks back, our friend Alexandra Kagan mentioned that there was a great 24/7 donut place near where she worked called County Donuts.  We finally had the chance to follow through and visit.  Upon entering, we were overjoyed.

Warm and welcoming, trays of donuts with all sorts of interesting names presented themselves (German Chocolate?  Cherry??)  We knew we had struck gold and, after a quick Donut Powwow, decided to cover County Donuts in two separate visits.

So allow us to present Part 1 of our findings:

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Weber’s Bakery: Legacy lacks flavor

18 Jun

This article was a great find!

A little while ago, we very happily stumbled upon an article on entitled “Best Bets for Donuts in Chicago.”  While we’d already been to some of the places it listed, several remained unexplored.  Since then, we’ve slowly been visiting each spot (see our List for all write-ups).

This week, we visited our final spot on CBS Chicago’s list: Weber’s Bakery on Archer Avenue.

We are thankful for Donut Research (and all too happy to do it), because it leads us to places like this.  Weber’s Bakery has apparently been around since 1930.  That’s some serious Donut Legacy (see also: Dinkel’s, Roeser’s) just begging to be investigated.

It was bustling when we stepped inside (always a good sign), and we happily ordered a dozen donuts before returning to the Donut Mobile for Taste Trials.

Here’s what we found:

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Table for two (and a dozen donuts): Huck Finn Donuts

11 Jun

Our adventures this week brought us to Huck Finn Donuts.  There are a few different locations in the Chicago area, but we chose what appears to be their most popular one at the intersection of Archer & Damen.

Now, the word “restaurant” had us worried: Would this be a regular old breakfast eatery that offers donuts as an afterthought?  Would there be any variety?  Would the donuts be fresh?  We decided that the word “donuts,” which was in bigger letters on their sign (see above), warranted an investigation after all.

Here’s what we found:

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Ann Sather: Welcome to the Cinnamon Kingdom

28 May

If you’re from Chicago, you probably already know all about Ann Sather and her amazing cinnamon rolls.  That wonderful red-and-yellow roll with the steam rising from it beckons Pastry Lovers and Breakfast Eaters alike to come in, sit down, and take a trip to Tastyville.

We didn’t set out this morning with plans to go to Ann Sather, but after striking out at Artemio’s Bakery (long story short: only two kinds of donuts and far too many bread-like items), we quickly regrouped and headed to a much safer bet.  We’ve been to Ann Sather before, but for the benefit of our Breakfast Adventures, we decided to return and sample its famous cinnamon rolls.

Here’s what we found:

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Looks like Dunkin’ Donuts, tastes way better: US Donuts in Berwyn, IL

16 Apr

When you first step into US Donuts & Coffee in Berwyn, IL, you might be inclined to run back outside and check the sign.  It instantly feels like you’ve walked into a Dunkin’ Donuts.  The rows of pastries behind the counter host a variety of flavors that is very similar to what you’d find at DD.  Even the color of the paper underneath the donuts is the same.

A closer look, though, reveals plumper, fresher-looking donuts.  While the prices are comparable ($6.56 for a dozen donuts!), the quality of the pastries is much higher.

Here’s what we found:

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Honey Fluff Donuts: All roads lead to tasty

5 Mar

Here’s an encouraging fact concerning Donut Adventures: Great donuts can be found in the most random places.  Take Honey Fluff Donuts in Countryside, IL, for example.

This pastry shop has been on our To Visit list for a while.  When we were conducting initial research on the Internet, its name came up repeatedly as a great place to go to for good donuts outside of the city of Chicago.

It’s an unassuming little place, tucked away in a strip mall.  If you didn’t know it was there, you might miss it.  And that would be a shame, because there are great donuts to be had!

Here’s what we found:

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