The List

Pastry People!  Here is a list of what we’ve checked out so far:

Dat Donut (South Side of Chicago)
Score: 7.9
A well-known donut shop, we visited on what must have been an off-day.

Kay’s Bakery (Forest Park, IL)
Score: 9.0
A favorite of ours that stands up to repeat visits.

Letizia’s Fiore Bakery (Chicago, IL)
Score: 7.0
Pretentious, expensive, and weird-tasting.  Not your best bet for donuts.

Leonard’s Bakery (Northbrook, IL)
Score: 8.2
Friendly service, but they only offer 2 types of donuts.  And the donuts are baked, not fried.

Dimples Donuts (Batavia, IL)
Score: 9.6
A donut mecca, waiting inconspicuously for you to come check it out.

Beverly Bakery (South Side of Chicago)
Score: 9.3
Tasty donuts, clearly made with love.  Great coffee!

Pticek’s Bakery (South Side of Chicago)
Score: 7.6
Good frosting, but weirdly chewy donuts.

Impallaria Bakery (South Side of Chicago)
Score: 8.4
They’ve got a great peanut-topped donut.

Krispy Kreme (Elk Grove, IL)
Score: 8.4
Their glazed donut remains a classic.  A few other great flavors, too.

Kuppie’s Bakery (Villa Park, IL)
Score: 9.2
It’s surprising more people don’t know about this place.  Tasty!

Rolling Donuts (South Side of Chicago)
Score: 8.0
Good, no-frills donuts at very reasonable prices.

Dirty Betty’s Good Clean Donuts (Lincoln Park)
Score: n/a
These aren’t really even donuts.


The following Donut Locations were visited before we began scoring our destinations.
Rest assured, we will be returning to rank them.

County Donuts: Part 2 (Schaumburg, IL)

A return to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park, IL

County Donuts: Part 1 (Schaumburg, IL)

A little bit about Donut Holes

Ultra Foods (Berwyn, IL)

La Baguette Bakery (Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago)

Weber’s Bakery (Chicago, IL)

Huck Finn Donuts (Chicago, IL)

Starbucks & Caribou (Really everywhere)

Ann Sather Restuarant (North Side of Chicago)

Ancona Bakery (Northlake, IL)

Donut King Grill (Melrose Park, IL)

Bridgeport Bakery (Chicago, IL)

Roeser’s Bakery (Chicago, IL)

Dunkin’ Donuts (everywhere…sigh…)

US Donuts & Coffee (Berwyn, IL)

Dunk [not Dunkin] Donuts (Melrose Park, IL)

Spunky Dunkers (Palatine, IL)

Highland Donuts (Austin, TX)

Abundance Bakery (Chicago, IL)

Paczkis on Fat Tuesday

Honey Fluff Donuts (Countryside, IL)

The Depot American Diner (Chicago, IL)

Bennison’s Bakeries (Evanston, IL)

Valentine’s Day Donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dat Old Fashioned Donut (Chicago, IL)

Wolf’s Bakery (Evergreen Park, IL)

7-11 (Pretty much everywhere)

Old Fashioned Donuts (Chicago, IL)

Hostess and Little Debbie Store-Bought Donuts (Grocery Stores Nationwide)

2010: The Year in Donuts

Kay’s Bakery (Forest Park, IL)

Donut Doctor (Chicago, IL)

Krispy Kreme Donuts Part 2

Krispy Kreme Donuts Part 1

Vesuvio Bakery & Deli (North Riverside, IL)

Gibson’s Food Mart & Bakery (Oberlin, OH)

Dinkel’s Bakery (Chicago, IL)

Entenmann’s Donuts (Grocery Stores Nationwide)

Oak Park Bakery (Oak Park, IL)

Jewel Osco

Kirschbaum’s Bakery (La Grange, IL)

Laury’s Bakery (Oak Park, IL)

Farmers Market in Oak Park, IL

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