Taking the Time to Bake it Right: Beverly Bakery

15 Oct

In this fast-paced modern age in which we live, it’s important to remember a Donut Truism: Always leave yourself time to stop and smell the frying oil.

Similarly, it never hurts to have your eyes peeled for bakeries when you are driving places.

We’ve been near Beverly Bakery in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood several times, but only recently did we notice it and make a plan to take action.  This Saturday, we acted on that plan.  (Special thanks to Angela for the tip-off.)

The place was warm and inviting upon entering.  Beverly Bakery actually specializes in house-roasting many different varieties of coffee (spoiler alert: the coffee is delicious), and it was clear that a great amount of care is put into all aspects of the operation.

After ordering a quick dozen donuts, we returned to the Donut Mobile for taste analysis.  Here’s what we found:

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Too Much Time Spent Chewing: Pticek’s Bakery

1 Oct

A little while back, we paid a visit to Weber’s Bakery, a pretty large, well-established Chicago bakery.  As we were making our return trip to Donut HQ, another nearby bakery caught our eye.

Located at 55th & Naragansett, Pticek’s Bakery is a small, unassuming place.  Upon entering, it was immediately apparent that they had many things besides donuts to offer.

We, however, had no time for anything else.  After ordering a quick dozen donuts, we headed out to the Donut Mobile to conduct some taste tests.

Here’s what we found:

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A Return to Bridgeport: Impallaria Bakery

24 Sep

For a little while, it’s been feeling like we’ve started to dry up the Chicago area’s supply of donut shops.  Frequently, someone will say to us, “Oh, have you been to such-and-such place?  I heard they’re really good.”  To which we reply, “Oh yes, we’ve been there, their chocolate frosted donuts are to die for.”

In these times of Donut Uncertainty, we have begun to reach out to friends and colleagues, eager to investigate any place we have not yet checked out.  This is how we got wind of Impallaria Bakery in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

We’ve ventured into Bridgeport before (see our write-up of Bridgeport Bakery) and were very happy with the trip.  We hoped that this morning’s adventure might yield similar results.

Here’s what we found:

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Chomp, Chomp, Gone: A Return to Krispy Kreme

10 Sep

Krispy Kreme is one of those rare brand-names that has become virtually synonymous with the product it sells (see also: Kleenex, Band-Aid).  Unfortunately, a few years back, some quack named Atkins came out with a fad diet that frowned upon certain awesome foods.  Krispy Kremes bore the brunt of this shunning, and locations everywhere began shutting down.

However, if you do a little searching, you can still find a few store locations open.  The closest one to Donut HQ is located in Elk Grove, IL, and they are serving up fresh Krispy Kremes in a variety of flavors.  We’ve been here before (and we had a great time), but we decided to make a return trip this morning in order to objectively score the pastries.

Here’s what we found:

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Under the radar and delicious: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park

3 Sep

We’d like to thank our Dear Readers who have submitted bakeries to check out.  We really enjoyed Rolling Donuts last week, and this week we were keen to check out another recommendation: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park, IL (not too far from Donut HQ).  Thanks again to Barb S. for the tip.

After packing the Donut Mobile and loading up on coffee, we headed out to investigate.

Here are some highlights from our adventure:

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Back to Basics for $7: Rolling Donuts

20 Aug

A month or two ago, we headed to Rolling Donuts, a donut shop located on the south side of Chicago.  We’d heard a lot of great things and were excited.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we found it inexplicably closed.  We thought that it had perhaps gone out of business and Google (that great source of donut information) had not yet updated its records.

We were very pleased when it turned out this was not the case.  Fellow Donut Appreciator Barb S. suggested we check it out, and explained that the owners had probably just closed for vacation and that Rolling Donuts was definitely now open.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

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Dirty Betty’s Good Clean “Donuts”: How We Struck Out in Lincoln Park

13 Aug

Recently, we were walking down Lincoln Ave. in Lincoln Park when we spotted an interesting-looking place: Dirty Betty’s Good Clean Donuts.

While we were a little put off by their advertisements for vegan donuts — really, if you’re going to get a donut, just accept that it’s going to be fried and highly caloric — we were still intrigued by the interesting flavors listed (espresso??  pomegranate??)

So, this morning, we set off to Lincoln Park again, eager to check out Dirty Betty’s.

Editor’s Note: Dear Readers, this morning marks the beginning of our new scoring system.  In an effort to eventually produce a ranked list of all the places we’ve been, we will be giving each donut a score out of 10 and each donut shop an overall score out of 10.  The goal is to be able to provide a quantifiable number along with our personal recommendations.

Here’s what we found:

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