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Kay’s Bakery: Returning to an Old Favorite

17 Dec

This morning found us at a bakery we’ve been to several times before (officially and unofficially), Kay’s Bakery in Forest Park.  It’s an unassuming local bakery that serves up some seriously delicious donuts.

We first visited Kay’s almost exactly a year ago, and we loved it then.  Since that time, however, we have decided to begin scoring our Donut Haunts, in an effort to objectively rank them (see here).  So we knew we had to return in order to give Kay’s the marks it deserves.

Here’s what we found:

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In front of you all the time: The pastry offerings at Starbucks and Caribou

4 Jun

An American relaxing at Starbucks

If you drink coffee and live in America, you’ve probably been into either Starbucks or Caribou within the past week.  If you’re like us, you might have noticed the small selection of pastries offered at either coffee place.

Our experiences with donut-eating told us that we were not likely to enjoy anything these stores had to offer.  Most likely, these pastries would prove stale-tasting and lackluster.  We were aware of this going in.

Nevertheless, in our quest to continue to provide Full Donut Coverage, we took it upon ourselves to sample the pastry offerings of these two Coffee Giants and report to you our findings.

Here’s what we found:

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Blink and You Might Miss It: Donut King Grill in Melrose Park

14 May

One of the things we like about donuts is they bring us to places we might not check out otherwise.

Donut King Grill (a.k.a. Doughnut King & Grill if you’re doing a Google search) is a hole-in-the wall place, part diner and part bakery.  Located right near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Wolf in Melrose Park, IL, it’s the kind of place one might easily miss.  Fortunately, we had our Donut Binoculars handy and spotted it right away.

Here’s what we found:

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Bridgeport Bakery!

7 May

Some bakeries have enormous signs shouting for you to check them out (see, for example, the sign at Roeser’s Bakery).  Others are more modest, and you might need to have your Flavor Goggles on to spot key words like “pastries” and “fresh.”  Bridgeport Bakery, located in the up-and-coming Bridgeport neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, is such a place.

Luckily for Sugar Adventurers in this day and age, Google makes finding these places a little easier.  On site, a low-key storefront that looks like an unassuming two-flat gives way to a humble Pastry Den.  We were charmed by this bakery and happy for the chance to try its wares.

Here’s what we found:

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Not to be confused with Dunkin: Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park

9 Apr

While we do a fair amount of Internet research before vising donut shops, sometimes we are fortunate enough to simply happen upon a bakery in our day-to-day travels.  This was the case with Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park, IL, which we spotted earlier this week while out driving.

While the name is similar to that of the corporate giant, Dunk Donuts’ pastries would never be confused with Dunkin’ Donuts once one has had the chance to try them.  We were joined this Saturday by our fellow Donuteers Dame Danish and Colonel Custard.

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A Lil’ Taste of Texas Flavor: Highland Donuts

26 Mar

It is not often we here at Breakfast Adventures get a chance to do some research outside of Chicago.  But recently, Donut Boy traveled to Austin, Texas for SXSW, the annual music conference.  While there, he happened upon a charming local donut shop on the outskirts of Austin called Highland Donuts.  When he had a few minutes one morning, he stopped by to grab a few donuts and check it out.

Here’s what he found:

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The South Side Continues Its Flavor Domination: Abundance Bakery

19 Mar

As we continue our Donut Expeditions, we have noticed a geographical trend.  Something about the South Side of Chicago lends itself to great donut shops (see our Donut List for write-ups).

This morning, we returned to the South Side and paid a visit to Abundance Bakery, an unassuming hole-in-the-wall kind of shop run by a truly friendly man called Uncle Villy.  Despite its small stature, Abundance served up big flavor, including an apple fritter the size of a throw pillow and the best jelly donut we’ve ever had.

Here’s what we found:

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