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Returning to a South Side Staple: Dat Donut

14 Jan

As we enter this new Donut Year, we find ourselves glancing backwards through our past journeys for inspiration.  Upon further reflection, we realize we have not yet scored some tried-and-true Donut Meccas.

You see, Dear Readers, scattered around the South Side of Chicago lie some of the best donut shops in the city.  In fact, they’re quite likely some of the best donut shops in the greater Chicagoland area, if not the entire Midwest (here at Breakfast Adventures we’re not afraid to make drastic Donut Statements).  Old Fashioned Donut, Abundance Bakery, and Dat Donut are a few to name.

It was the third of these we decided to return to this morning and re-evaluate.

Dat Donut from outside: It don't look like much.

Dat Donut, also sometimes called Dat Old Fashioned Donut, is known on a national level for delivering good, fried, down-and-dirty donuts.  We visited them once before but returned this morning to examine their offerings more critically and assign them a ranking.

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Back to Basics for $7: Rolling Donuts

20 Aug

A month or two ago, we headed to Rolling Donuts, a donut shop located on the south side of Chicago.  We’d heard a lot of great things and were excited.  Unfortunately, when we got there, we found it inexplicably closed.  We thought that it had perhaps gone out of business and Google (that great source of donut information) had not yet updated its records.

We were very pleased when it turned out this was not the case.  Fellow Donut Appreciator Barb S. suggested we check it out, and explained that the owners had probably just closed for vacation and that Rolling Donuts was definitely now open.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

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Looks like Dunkin’ Donuts, tastes way better: US Donuts in Berwyn, IL

16 Apr

When you first step into US Donuts & Coffee in Berwyn, IL, you might be inclined to run back outside and check the sign.  It instantly feels like you’ve walked into a Dunkin’ Donuts.  The rows of pastries behind the counter host a variety of flavors that is very similar to what you’d find at DD.  Even the color of the paper underneath the donuts is the same.

A closer look, though, reveals plumper, fresher-looking donuts.  While the prices are comparable ($6.56 for a dozen donuts!), the quality of the pastries is much higher.

Here’s what we found:

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A Lil’ Taste of Texas Flavor: Highland Donuts

26 Mar

It is not often we here at Breakfast Adventures get a chance to do some research outside of Chicago.  But recently, Donut Boy traveled to Austin, Texas for SXSW, the annual music conference.  While there, he happened upon a charming local donut shop on the outskirts of Austin called Highland Donuts.  When he had a few minutes one morning, he stopped by to grab a few donuts and check it out.

Here’s what he found:

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