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Taking the Time to Bake it Right: Beverly Bakery

15 Oct

In this fast-paced modern age in which we live, it’s important to remember a Donut Truism: Always leave yourself time to stop and smell the frying oil.

Similarly, it never hurts to have your eyes peeled for bakeries when you are driving places.

We’ve been near Beverly Bakery in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood several times, but only recently did we notice it and make a plan to take action.  This Saturday, we acted on that plan.  (Special thanks to Angela for the tip-off.)

The place was warm and inviting upon entering.  Beverly Bakery actually specializes in house-roasting many different varieties of coffee (spoiler alert: the coffee is delicious), and it was clear that a great amount of care is put into all aspects of the operation.

After ordering a quick dozen donuts, we returned to the Donut Mobile for taste analysis.  Here’s what we found:

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Blink and You Might Miss It: Donut King Grill in Melrose Park

14 May

One of the things we like about donuts is they bring us to places we might not check out otherwise.

Donut King Grill (a.k.a. Doughnut King & Grill if you’re doing a Google search) is a hole-in-the wall place, part diner and part bakery.  Located right near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Wolf in Melrose Park, IL, it’s the kind of place one might easily miss.  Fortunately, we had our Donut Binoculars handy and spotted it right away.

Here’s what we found:

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Made-To-Order Donuts at The Depot American Diner

26 Feb

If you watch The Food Network, you may have seen The Depot American Diner on the western edge of Chicago featured on their show “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.” This unassuming little diner is apparently a pretty big deal in the Chicago area (Google it if you don’t believe us) and we’d heard that they served donuts.  We didn’t know what we were going to find, but we decided to get to the bottom of it this morning.

Upon entering The Depot, we were immediately taken with the calm energy, hip color scheme, and tidiness of the place.  The staff greeted us as we took our seats.  We glanced at the menu and saw it: “Donuts with Mocha Sauce.” We knew right away what we would be ordering, and told the waitress as much when she stepped up to take our order.  Then, we sipped coffee and waited for our donuts.

10 minutes later, a plate was set in front of us…

Donuts with Mocha Sauce

Coffee Girl: One of the most delightful Donut Experiences we’ve had.  Yes, we’re sitting in comfort at an actual table, instead of huddled inside the Donut Mobile with the engine running and the heat on.  But that is far from the whole picture.  These donuts are straight out of the deep fryer, hot and deeply crunchy, with a cinnamon sugar coating.  The cake is delicate and sweet.  The chocolate mocha sauce, served on the side and topped with a generous dollop of thick whipped cream, is so delicious that Yours Truly ate it with a spoon.  Can it get better than this in the World of Donuts?  We think not.  Plus they’ve got really good coffee.

Donut Boy: So many fantastic things about these donuts, where do I start?  Warm, crunchy, crusty.  The Depot makes each plate to-order, so the amount of time between frying and consumption is a matter of seconds.  These fried cake donut holes have a classic, rich cake dough flavor and come coated in cinnamon, brown sugar, and confectioner’s sugar.  By themselves, they’re superb.  But as my colleague mentioned, The Depot serves them with a mocha sauce which really drives these pastries home.  Fantastic.

Two orders of donuts later, we smiled sugar-coated smiles.  This was a new experience for us: donuts at a sit-down restaurant.  Normally, we conduct our research within the confines of the Donut Mobile.


The coffee's pretty good, by the way.

We have to say, though, we could get used to this.  The donuts at The Depot American Diner are delicious, and you’d be hard-pressed to find fresher pastries.  While they may not have any variety, these donuts more than make up for that by their quality and freshness.  We highly recommend a visit to The Depot, where you can sit, sip coffee, and take time to smell the donuts.

See you next week!