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Returning to a South Side Staple: Dat Donut

14 Jan

As we enter this new Donut Year, we find ourselves glancing backwards through our past journeys for inspiration.  Upon further reflection, we realize we have not yet scored some tried-and-true Donut Meccas.

You see, Dear Readers, scattered around the South Side of Chicago lie some of the best donut shops in the city.  In fact, they’re quite likely some of the best donut shops in the greater Chicagoland area, if not the entire Midwest (here at Breakfast Adventures we’re not afraid to make drastic Donut Statements).  Old Fashioned Donut, Abundance Bakery, and Dat Donut are a few to name.

It was the third of these we decided to return to this morning and re-evaluate.

Dat Donut from outside: It don't look like much.

Dat Donut, also sometimes called Dat Old Fashioned Donut, is known on a national level for delivering good, fried, down-and-dirty donuts.  We visited them once before but returned this morning to examine their offerings more critically and assign them a ranking.

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Under the radar and delicious: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park

3 Sep

We’d like to thank our Dear Readers who have submitted bakeries to check out.  We really enjoyed Rolling Donuts last week, and this week we were keen to check out another recommendation: Kuppie’s Bakery in Villa Park, IL (not too far from Donut HQ).  Thanks again to Barb S. for the tip.

After packing the Donut Mobile and loading up on coffee, we headed out to investigate.

Here are some highlights from our adventure:

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More tastiness on the South Side: Dat Old Fashioned Donut

5 Feb

When we first ventured into the South Side of Chicago a few weeks back to go to Old Fashioned Donuts, we knew we would be returning fairly soon to check out a similar spot.

Often mentioned in the same breath as Old Fashioned Donuts, Dat Old Fashioned Donut is a bit of a hike, but is just the kind of journey worth making if one is seeking some tasty pastries.

Here’s what we found:

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