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Kay’s Bakery: Returning to an Old Favorite

17 Dec

This morning found us at a bakery we’ve been to several times before (officially and unofficially), Kay’s Bakery in Forest Park.  It’s an unassuming local bakery that serves up some seriously delicious donuts.

We first visited Kay’s almost exactly a year ago, and we loved it then.  Since that time, however, we have decided to begin scoring our Donut Haunts, in an effort to objectively rank them (see here).  So we knew we had to return in order to give Kay’s the marks it deserves.

Here’s what we found:

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Fresh and simple: A return to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park

30 Jul

Dear Readers: We had every intention of returning this week to the amazing County Donuts in Schaumburg.  Alas, even the best laid Donut Plans can fall to the side in the face of automobile troubles.  Yes, our beloved Donut Mobile is currently a little under the weather.  For this reason, we decided to stay closer to Donut HQ and head over to the Farmers’ Market in Oak Park.

Now, those of you a little more familiar with Breakfast Adventures‘ history may recall that the Farmers’ Market is, in fact, the very first Donut Location we visited when we began our journeys back in September 2010.  This is because we’ve long been familiar with and appreciative of the amazing donuts the market has to offer.  In every sense of the phrase, the farmers’ market is a “safe bet” for freshness and flavor.

The donut tent at the Farmers' Market: Enter here for hot, fresh donuts.

So, unlike most mornings, we began our adventure this morning with a good idea of what lay ahead.  But allow us to elaborate:

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