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Leonard’s: Stellar Service Somewhat Compensates for Drab Donut Offerings

19 Nov

Chicago Magazine ran an article on the very last page of a recent issue that caught our eye.

Since we’re always on the lookout for new Donut Haunts, we scanned the article for familiar names.  Dat Donut?  Check.  Weber’s Bakery?  Check.  Old Fashioned Donuts?  Check.

But then, jackpot!  A new name!  And this is how we wound up at Leonard’s Bakery in Northbrook, IL, this morning.  According to the Segal-Loevy family (our kindred spirits, pastry-wise), the chocolate frosted donut at Leonard’s is the best in Chicagoland.

Well!  We had to see for ourselves.  So we headed up to Northbrook.

Upon entering, we were dismayed.  Leonard’s only regularly stocks two kinds of donuts: the aforementioned chocolate frosting and a cinnamon cake donut.  And they bake their donuts, something we have not had good luck with before.  In fact, had it not been for Marc, we might have walked back out the door.

Marc outside Leonard's. He's the man.

After finding out we had traveled a good ways to come to Leonard’s, Marc gave us a free kiddush cake (see below), something we’ve never had before.  We also picked up both kinds of donuts and a few other pastries, and chatted with Mark for a while.

We’ll speak more on the great vibe at Leonard’s, but first —

Here’s what we found:

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Ancona Bakery in Northlake: How dry is too dry?

21 May

When we’re en route to a donut shop, we like to keep our eyes peeled.  You never know when you’ll spot a bakery that warrants a visit.  This brings us to an important Pastry Rule: When you’re on your way to get donuts, don’t forget to be on the lookout for other places to get more donuts.  This is how we found Ancona Bakery.

On our way to Donut King Grill last week, we spotted this place right near the intersection of North Avenue and Wolf Road.  We made a mental note to return the following Saturday and check it out.

Here’s what we found:

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Roeser’s Bakery: A Century of Donut Making!

30 Apr

A few months back, we paid a visit to Dinkel’s Bakery.  It’s a time-honored pastry shop that’s been in Chicago since 1922.  We were floored by their legacy (88 years!), as well as a pretty amazing maple bacon donut.  We thought we had a pretty good grasp on the situation.

Enter: Roeser’s Bakery on North & Kedzie in Chicago.  Established 1911100 years of baking experience!  While Dinkel’s own history is nothing to shake a crueller at, Roeser’s has been around even longer.

This Saturday, we had a chance to step onto hallowed Pastry Ground and try the donuts at Roeser’s.

Here’s what we found:

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