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Kay’s Bakery: Returning to an Old Favorite

17 Dec

This morning found us at a bakery we’ve been to several times before (officially and unofficially), Kay’s Bakery in Forest Park.  It’s an unassuming local bakery that serves up some seriously delicious donuts.

We first visited Kay’s almost exactly a year ago, and we loved it then.  Since that time, however, we have decided to begin scoring our Donut Haunts, in an effort to objectively rank them (see here).  So we knew we had to return in order to give Kay’s the marks it deserves.

Here’s what we found:

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Ancona Bakery in Northlake: How dry is too dry?

21 May

When we’re en route to a donut shop, we like to keep our eyes peeled.  You never know when you’ll spot a bakery that warrants a visit.  This brings us to an important Pastry Rule: When you’re on your way to get donuts, don’t forget to be on the lookout for other places to get more donuts.  This is how we found Ancona Bakery.

On our way to Donut King Grill last week, we spotted this place right near the intersection of North Avenue and Wolf Road.  We made a mental note to return the following Saturday and check it out.

Here’s what we found:

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Blink and You Might Miss It: Donut King Grill in Melrose Park

14 May

One of the things we like about donuts is they bring us to places we might not check out otherwise.

Donut King Grill (a.k.a. Doughnut King & Grill if you’re doing a Google search) is a hole-in-the wall place, part diner and part bakery.  Located right near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Wolf in Melrose Park, IL, it’s the kind of place one might easily miss.  Fortunately, we had our Donut Binoculars handy and spotted it right away.

Here’s what we found:

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Not to be confused with Dunkin: Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park

9 Apr

While we do a fair amount of Internet research before vising donut shops, sometimes we are fortunate enough to simply happen upon a bakery in our day-to-day travels.  This was the case with Dunk Donuts in Melrose Park, IL, which we spotted earlier this week while out driving.

While the name is similar to that of the corporate giant, Dunk Donuts’ pastries would never be confused with Dunkin’ Donuts once one has had the chance to try them.  We were joined this Saturday by our fellow Donuteers Dame Danish and Colonel Custard.

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Paczkis: The National Pastry of Fat Tuesday!

12 Mar

Here at Breakfast Adventures, we live in a sort of constant state of Pastry Celebration.  Our daydreams and plans for the weekend often revolve around baked goods, and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

Once a year, though, the rest of the country shares our obsession.  We are speaking, naturally, of Fat Tuesday, a day when many Americans rise early to get their hands on paczkis.

Paczkis for Fat Tuesday

In case you didn’t know, paczkis (pronounced PUNCH-key or PONE-CH-key, depending on who you talk to) are a traditional Polish pastry, conceptually similar  to jelly donuts and Boston kremes (see the Wikipedia article here for further explanations).  In Chicago and the surrounding area (where we’re from), we benefit from a large population of Polish inhabitants; there are many great places to pick up some paczkis year-round.

Box full of paczkis: A pretty sight.

This past Tuesday, we got up at the crack of dawn to set out on an adventure.  After gathering a myriad of paczkis from a few nearby bakeries, we returned to the Donut Lair for Pastry Tasting & Analysis.  What follows is the breakdown of our Paczki Tests:

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Phenomenal Frosting in Forest Park: Kay’s Bakery

18 Dec

We’ve been aware of Kay’s Bakery for a long time, given its nearby location in neighboring Forest Park (again, we cannot reveal the exact location of Donut HQ).  From the outside, it projects an aura of simplicity and a sense of history.

When you step inside, you recognize the marks of a legitimate bakery.  As the above picture shows, Kay’s offers all sorts of tasty treats.  But, c’mon now.  You know we’re here for the donuts.

With that in mind…

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