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Happy holidays and a frosty new year from CG&DB!

24 Dec


Leonard’s: Stellar Service Somewhat Compensates for Drab Donut Offerings

19 Nov

Chicago Magazine ran an article on the very last page of a recent issue that caught our eye.

Since we’re always on the lookout for new Donut Haunts, we scanned the article for familiar names.  Dat Donut?  Check.  Weber’s Bakery?  Check.  Old Fashioned Donuts?  Check.

But then, jackpot!  A new name!  And this is how we wound up at Leonard’s Bakery in Northbrook, IL, this morning.  According to the Segal-Loevy family (our kindred spirits, pastry-wise), the chocolate frosted donut at Leonard’s is the best in Chicagoland.

Well!  We had to see for ourselves.  So we headed up to Northbrook.

Upon entering, we were dismayed.  Leonard’s only regularly stocks two kinds of donuts: the aforementioned chocolate frosting and a cinnamon cake donut.  And they bake their donuts, something we have not had good luck with before.  In fact, had it not been for Marc, we might have walked back out the door.

Marc outside Leonard's. He's the man.

After finding out we had traveled a good ways to come to Leonard’s, Marc gave us a free kiddush cake (see below), something we’ve never had before.  We also picked up both kinds of donuts and a few other pastries, and chatted with Mark for a while.

We’ll speak more on the great vibe at Leonard’s, but first —

Here’s what we found:

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Dimples Donuts: A Donut Destination in Batavia

5 Nov

Donuteers, do not be afraid of a bit of a drive.  If there’s one lesson we took away from this morning, it’s that truly good donuts are indeed worth trekking around for.  What place taught us this valuable lesson?

Dimples Donuts in Batavia, IL (which is really not that bad of a drive if you’re heading out early in the morning, prime Pastry Hours) is such a place.  We’ve seen Dimples’ name on the Internet many times, but had shied away from actually checking it out because the drive was a bit daunting.

Boy, are we glad we finally worked up the courage to get in the Donut Mobile and drive!  This place really knows their donuts.

Here’s what we found:

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Munchin’ On Some Munchkins: Let’s talk about donut holes

16 Jul

This week, we wanted to take a second to talk about donuts’ little brothers, donut holes.

A long time ago, some thrifty baker thought to him- or herself, “Hey, all these holes I’m cutting are leaving a lot of leftover scraps.  I should fry these, too!”  And thus, donut holes were born.

Someone with their Thinking Cap on decided to fry the holes, too.

In today’s Pastry Landscape, most people probably don’t get much farther than Dunkin’ Donuts when it comes to donut holes.  To be fair, donut holes are a lot harder to find.  Most donut shops we’ve been to, however fantastic, have not offered donut holes.  We decided to do a little Pastry Investigating (what we really do best) and see if we could turn up any alternatives.  It was hard work, but someone had to do it.

Here’s what we found:

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Grocery Stores Continue to Deliver the Goods: Donuts at Dominick’s

9 Jul

Right now, we’re on a real grocery store kick.  After all, it’s a pretty safe bet that any substantial supermarket will have its own baked goods area.  And when you hear the words “baked goods area,” you’re never too far from some donuts.

So this week, we headed to Dominick’s, a supermarket staple in the Chicagoland area.  We had no idea what to expect (although we had done an initial Donut Scouting expedition to verify the presence of donuts), but we were happy to explore.

Here’s what we found:

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A new hue of frosting at a discount price: Donuts at Ultra Foods

2 Jul

If you like a good bargain, you are probably already well aware of grocery stores like Ultra Foods, where reasonable prices are easily attainable.  While we here at Breakfast Adventures love a good bargain, we also love a good donut.  So when we we drove by Ultra Foods recently, we remembered something important: grocery stores sometimes have fresh donuts in a “baked goods” area.

Yes, Dear Readers, after an initial Donut Investigation, we determined this to be true at Ultra Foods.  Happily, we returned this morning to sample their wares.

Here’s what we found:

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Weber’s Bakery: Legacy lacks flavor

18 Jun

This article was a great find!

A little while ago, we very happily stumbled upon an article on CBSChicago.com entitled “Best Bets for Donuts in Chicago.”  While we’d already been to some of the places it listed, several remained unexplored.  Since then, we’ve slowly been visiting each spot (see our List for all write-ups).

This week, we visited our final spot on CBS Chicago’s list: Weber’s Bakery on Archer Avenue.

We are thankful for Donut Research (and all too happy to do it), because it leads us to places like this.  Weber’s Bakery has apparently been around since 1930.  That’s some serious Donut Legacy (see also: Dinkel’s, Roeser’s) just begging to be investigated.

It was bustling when we stepped inside (always a good sign), and we happily ordered a dozen donuts before returning to the Donut Mobile for Taste Trials.

Here’s what we found:

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